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___  Crash dummy on board

___  Criminal drug cartels love a porous border

___  Crooked Donald

___  Defend LEGAL immigration

___  Desalination encourages OVERPOPULATION

___  Diligence pays off eventually but procrastination pays off now

___  Doctor Laura is a biological error

___  Dump Saudi Arabia, buy oil from Iran, AND MAKE PEACE

___  Edward Snowden for president

___  tax rights for renters or abolish homeowner subsidies

___  emotionally incorrect

___  ? Energy crisis OR TOO MANY PEOPLE

___  the word Evolution displayed in rainbow colors

___  Familiarity breeds contempt

___  Flirt harder, I'm clueless

___  Follow close for fresh carcinogens

___  Follow close to our next accident

___  Free speech is an antidote to religious bigotry

___  Free speech is MY RELIGION

___  Free speech, use it or lose it

___  Free trade with Cuba, it's good business

___  from the people who brought you Pearl Harbor, fukushima nuclear disaster, land of rising radiation, atomic energy

___  FUCK the family farm, I grew up on one

___  Got LikiLeaks?

___  families are the ultimate GROSS POLLUTERS

___  Habitat For Humanity builds housing for homeowners only, not for renters

___  Have you hugged your inner Neanderthal today?

___  Heathen infidel and proud of it

___  Holy men are frauds

___  Homeownership is subsidized welfare housing

___  Honor All Labor

___  I covet my neighbor's ass AND I VOTE

___  I never thought I'd miss that crook Richard Nixon

___  I'm gullible AND I VOTE

___  I'm pro-Zact AND I VOTE


___  I'll go even slower so you can get even closer, you dumb fucking idiot

___  I'd like a close personal relationship with someone who will leave me alone

___  I'd rather be on welfare like everybody else

___  If it's so HARD ON you parents, put a condom on it

___  If Jesus rose from the dead, is Jesus a zombie?

___  If we outlaw pressure cookers, only outlaws' girlfriends will accidentally blow themselves up in the kitchen when they are cooking up that meth

___  If you're not scared shitless, you're not paying attention

___  If you benefit from an injustice, your silence is complicity

___  If you don't like cartoons of Muhammad, don't draw one

___  If you don't like gay marriage, don't marry a gay person

___  If you like unity of church and state, MOVE TO IRAN

___  Imagine NO Monsanto

___  impeach agent orange

___  Impeach Congress

___  It's One World Or No World

___  Jesus Saves, but does he clutter

___  License parents, not dogs

___  Life was simpler when there was only 4 billion of us, Get ready for 8 billion

___  Lock him up

___  Lock The Clock

___  Make America fart again: eat beans

___  Make America great again, dump Trump

___  Make America Great Again, FIRE The Donald

___  Make America sane again, IMPEACH the maniac

___  Make Dumbo Great Again

___  Make Elites Great Again

___  Make Globalization Great Again

___  Make Greed And Hypocrisy Great Again

___  Mandatory control of overpopulation

___  Mob Boss Trump

___  Never forget whats-his-name

___  Nine out of 10 lemmings say art prevents lemming behavior

___  No banker left behind

___  No belief is holy

___  No book is holy

___  No opinion is holy

___  None of the above

___  NOT made in China

___  Nothing is sustainable about development except GREED

___  Nothing ventured, nothing lost

___  Nut control, not gun control

___  Once a pickle never a cucumber

___  One dollar one vote, volume discounts are available

___  One Earth, one cesspool

___  One human dysfunctional family

___  One text or call can wreck it all

___  OPEN BORDERS for terrorists

___  Overpopulation brings immigration chaos

___  OVERPOPULATION brought to you by voluntary reproductive restraint

___  Peace in the Middle East, just kidding

___  Peace thru globalization

___  People are a poor substitute for cats

___  People are a poor substitute for dogs

___  People are a poor substitute for pets

___  Planet Earth needs a cop

___  Porn is my religion

___  Power corrupts

___  President or carnival barker?

___  Procrastinate NOW

___  Proud to be maladapted

___  Put the WTO under UN control

___  quarantine deadly diseases

___  Racism, religion, war, our ape heritage

___  Real women drive trucks

___  Reality is overrated

___  Religious directives INSULT ME

___  Reparations for slavery

___  reproductive freedom brings overpopulation

___  Resource scarcity is code for OVERPOPULATION

___  Repect Tibet, and no MSG

___  Restrict births, not water

___  Revenge is a dish that can be eaten cold

___  ROAD HAZARD, apes in cars

___  Sacred is your excuse for silencing dissent

___  Screw family values

___  Scratch a human, find an ape

___  SMOKING is good because CIGARETTES can traded for SEX and DRUGS if you are ever IN JAIL

___  Speak lies to power, speak truth to the powerless

___  Stop child abuse, license parents

___  Stop littering, spay your humans

___  Stormy Daniels for President

___  Suppressed by Facebook

___  Sustainable development IS'NT

___  T is for temper, as in temper tantrum, as in spoilt little rich kid, as in Donald Trump

___  Tax benefits are paid for by tax payers who dont have them

___  The carpenter's door is always broken

___  The closer you get, the sloooower I go

___  There is no water shortage, there is a parent overage

___  They are all crooks

___  Think globally, act globally

___  Tyranny or free speech, die on your knees or die on your feet


___  Visualize world peace, legalize prostitution

___  Volunteer to steal someone's needed job, so the Executive can pay himself more money

___  Wanna fight Islam, educate women

___  Want a balanced budget, end homeowners' subsidies

___  War crimes MY ASS, the real crime is war itself, STOP WAR

___  ? Water shortage or people OVERAGE ?

___  We have government of the lobbyists, by the lobbyists, for the lobbyists

___  Who really did it (9-11-2001)?

___  You voted for a clown and you got a circus

___  You'd be paranoid too if THEY were out to get YOU

___  You'd drive safer with that phone up your ass

___  Your holy god is your excuse for poor behavior

___  Your holy idiocy BLASPHEMES my integrity

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___  A pessimist is an optimist with experience

___  A warthog to anyone but another warthog is just another warthog

___  Abolish the UN or give it teeth

___  Adolf Hitler gave eugenics a bad name

___  Anarchy always breaks down into ORDER

___  Another dumb bumpersticker in large type, with smaller satirical slogans in smaller type

___  apes with nuclear weapons

___  Banksters, are they too powerful to jail for financial crimes?

___  Be productive, dont reproduce

___  Bloom where you are planted but watch out for the weeds

___  Born Again agnostic

___  Boycott investments in Russia

___  Boycott shoddy imports from China

___  Bring Henry Kissinger to trial

___  generic bumper sticker

___  Burn Bibles, not flags

___  burn Korans AND bibles

___  Buy a politician today while they're still cheap

___  cah cah happens

___  Carpool lanes increase congestion and reward cheaters

___  Censorship is for cowardly governments

___  Clone me, I'm fabulous

___  Congestion by sustainable development

___  Conservation promotes acceptance of overpopulation

___  Contempt of Congress

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