Religious bumper stickers

___  If Jesus rose from the dead, is Jesus a zombie?

___  Sacred is your excuse for silencing dissent

___  Free speech is MY RELIGION

___  Wanna fight Islam? Educate women

___  Free speech is an antidote to religious bigotry


___  Religious directives INSULT ME

___  If you dont like cartoonsof muhammad, dont draw one

___  Jesus Saves, but does he clutter

___  Burn Bibles, not flags

___  If you like unity of church and state, MOVE TO IRAN


___  I covet my neighbor's ass AND I VOTE

___  Burn Korans AND Bibles

___  Heathen infidel and proud of it

___  Your holy god is your excuse for poor behavior

___  Born Again agnostic


___  No belief is holy

___  No book is holy

___  No opinion is holy

___  Your holy idiocy BLASPHEMES my integrity

___  Holy men are frauds


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