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___  Buy a politician today while they're still cheap

___  Censorship is for cowardly governments

___  Contempt for Congress

___  Criminal drug cartels love a porous border

___  Crooked Donald

___  Defend legal immigration

___  Edward Snowden for president

___  tax rights for renters or abolish homeowner subsidies

___  Got wikileaks?

___  Habitat For Humanity builds housing for homeowners only, not for renters

___  Homeownership is subsidized welfare housing

bumper stickers

___  Honor All Labor

___  I never thought I'd miss that crook Richard Nixon

___  If you benefit from an injustice, your silence is complicity

___  impeach agent orange

___  Impeach Congress

___  Lock him up

___  Make America great again: dump Trump

___  Make America Great Again, FIRE The Donald

___  Make America sane again, IMPEACH the maniac

___  Make Dumbo Great Again

___  Make Greed And Hypocrisy Great Again


___  Mob Boss Trump

___  No banker left behind

___  NOT made in China

___  One dollar one vote, volume discounts are available

___  OPEN BORDERS for terrorists

___  President or carnival barker?

___  Put the WTO under UN control

___  Reparations for slavery

___  Respect Tibet, and no MSG

___  Speak lies to power, speak truth to the powerless

___  Suppressed by Facebook


___  T is for temper, as in temper tantrum, as in spoilt little rich kid, as in Donald Trump

___  Tax benefits are paid for by tax payers who dont have them

___  They are all crooks

___  Tyranny or free speech, die on your knees or die on your feet

___  Volunteer to steal someone's needed job, so the Executive can pay himself more money

___  Want a balanced budget? End homeowners subsidies

___  We have government of the lobbyists, by the lobbyists, for the lobbyists

___  You voted for a clown and you got a circus


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