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___  A pessimist is an optimist with experience

___  Anarchy always breaks down into ORDER


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___  None of the above

___  Nothing ventured, nothing lost

___  Once a pickle never a cucumber

___  If you're not scared shitless, you're not paying attention

bumper stickers

___  Free speech, use it or lose it

___  Free speech, use it or lose it


___  Censorship is for cowardly governments

___  If you benefit from an injustice, your silence is complicity

___  Tax benefits are paid for by tax payers who dont have them

___  Tyranny or free speech, die on your knees or die on your feet


___  One human dysfunctional family

___  Power corrupts


___  Free speech is MY RELIGION

___  Free speech is an antidote to religious bigotry

___  Nine out of 10 lemmings say art prevents lemming behavior

___  You'd be paranoid too if THEY were out to get YOU


___  Racism, religion, war, our ape heritage

___  scratch a human, find an ape


___  They are all crooks

___  Contempt for Congress

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