sticker says ‘No banker left behind’and a smaller line below says ‘Bailout nation, the new welfare bums: bankers, brokers, corporations, insurance companies with friends in Congress’

No banker left behind

Attach to your bumper by using double-stick tape on the backside. Or you can use a spray adhesive--but spray adhesive is more difficult to remove later.

To protect the front side against the weather, you can use clear packing tape on top.

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The $700 Billion Bailout Scam.
Obama's financial appointees.
The Great American Stickup.


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EDITORIAL:  Motive for the Bailout?

With deflation, the rich lose, and so they call deflation "the collapse of our financial system." Their solution: massive public financing (bailout) paid for by taxpayers, which eventually brings massive inflation.

During inflation, the poor lose while the rich gain.

By using taxpayer money to bailout bankers and a few homeowners, Congress is saving their own investments in the profits of large financial institutions. And when inflation kicks in, Congress will simply give itself a raise.