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___  Adolf Hitler gave eugenics a bad name

___  generic bumper sticker

___  Clone me, I'm fabulous

___  emotionally incorrect

___  FUCK the family farm, I grew up on one

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___  Have you hugged your inner neanderthal today

___  I'd rather be on welfare like everybody else

___  If you're not scared shitless, you're not paying attention

___  Lock The Clock

___  Nine out of 10 lemmings say art prevents lemming behavior

___  Nut control, not gun control

___  People are a poor substitute for cats

___  People are a poor substitute for dogs

___  People are a poor substitute for pets

___  Proud to be maladapted

___  quarantine deadly diseases

___  Real women drive trucks

___  Until there is a cure, mandatory HIV testing and monitoring for AIDS

___  You'd be paranoid too if THEY were out to get YOU


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