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___  Another dumb bumpersticker in large type, with smaller satirical slogansin smaller type

___  cah cah happens

___  Doctor Laur is a biological error

___  Flirt harder, I'm clueless

___  I covet my neighbor's ass AND I VOTE


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___  I'd like a close personal relationship with someone who will leave me alone

___  I am gullible and I vote

___  I'm pro-Zact and I vote

___  If we outlaw pressure cookers, only outlaws' girlfriends will accidentally blow themselves up in the kitchen when they are cooking up that meth

___  If you dont like gay marriage, dont marry a gay person


___  Jesus saves but does he clutter

___  Make America fart again: eat beans

___  Make Elites Great Again

___  Never forget whats-his-name

___  Porn is my religion

___  Procrastinate NOW

___  Reality is overrated

___  Screw family values

___  SMOKING is good because CIGARETTES can traded for SEX and DRUGS if you are ever IN JAIL

___  Stormy Daniels for President


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