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folk wisdom

___  A warthog to anyone but another warthog is just another warthog

___  Bloom where you are planted but watch out for the weeds

___  Diligence pays off eventually but procrastination pays off now


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___  I am gullible and I vote

___  Nut control, not gun control

___  One Earth, one cesspool

bumper stickers

___  Familiarity breeds contempt

___  None of the above

___  Nothing ventured, nothing lost


___  Power corrupts

___  Honor All Labor

___  Lock The Clock


___  Once a pickle never a cucumber

___  Revenge is a dish that can be eaten cold


___  Stop child abuse, license parents

___  One text or call can wreck it all

___  We have government of the lobbyists, by the lobbyists, for the lobbyists


___  The carpenter's door is always broken


___  No opinion is holy

___  Never forget whats-his-name

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