sticker says ‘Criminal drug cartels love a porous border’

Criminal drug cartels
 love a porous border

Attach to your bumper by using double-stick tape on the backside. Or you can use a spray adhesive--but spray adhesive is more difficult to remove later.

To protect the front side against the weather, you can use clear packing tape on top.

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EDITORIAL:  Porous Border

Stop complaining about Latinos "stealing American jobs". The worst effect of unlimited immigration is impoverishment of Latinos who already live here. Unlimited immigration puts Latinos in competition with each other for entry level jobs. Even the legendary Latino labor leader Caesar Chavez opposed unrestricted immigration.

Poverty for Latinos serves the agenda of Latino racists who then claim Latinos are "oppressed" but the real problem is overpopulation. Poverty for Latinos also serves the agenda of gringo racists because gringo racists then point to the higher crime rates in impoverished Latino communities, to falsely imply Latino "inferiority". But the real problem is overpopulation and the poverty which results from overpopulation (everywhere in the world, not just south of the border).

And meanwhile criminal drug cartels subsidize political groups to lobby for a porous border because a porous border guarantees income for these criminal drug cartels.