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Boycott Investments in Russia

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This sticker isn't about Ukraine or Crimea. Russia has important and legitimate historical claims to Crimea and eastern Ukraine. We forget millions of Russians died in World War II, sometimes at the hands of Ukrainians who fought on the side of Nazi Germany in the invasion of Russia. If you invest in Russia now, they will screw you out of your money--and for understandable reasons.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, we positioned missles nearer to their border, then we say Russia is "aggressive". We have pushed Russia to develop new and dangerous strategic weapons. Our policies have revived the Cold War between Russia and the United States. And we have pushed Russia and China back into an alliance against us. Sometimes we are just wrong and stupid.

Our policies have made "czar" Vladimir Putin look like a hero to the Russian people. He is a dictatorial thug who should have been overthrown years ago. But now, because of our own hypocritical policies, even his opponents sitting in Russian jails support him.

We whine if we think Russia "meddled" in our elections, but we meddle in their elections at every opportunity. We complain about tyranny and corruption in Russia. But here in the USA, corruption and economic tyranny are institutionalized in the tax code whereby homeowners grant themselves massive subsidies ($195 billion yearly) by increasing the taxes paid by renters.

We call Russian business monopolists "oligarchs" while we call our business monopolists "innovators" and "CEOs".

The Russian people support Vladimir Putin because at least he is their thug, not yours. Your thug is in the White House.

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